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Menu BERANDA TENTANG MEDIA KOMUNITAS GEREJA KITA HUBUNGI KAMI Search Love God, Love People, With Passion! Keluarga Allah Ministry started the ministry in Solo, Central Java Indonesia. As per today, our ministry has expanded across major cities and regional areas in Indonesia. Under the dedicated leadership of our senior Pastor Obaja Tanto Setiawan, the church is now home to more than 30,000 active members. Worshipping in this extraordinarily blessed house of God is our daily bread. Our services include weekly gatherings, connect groups, and various church activities with one goal in mind: To save souls at all costs, wherever they are! Keluarga Allah ministry is not limited within the church but also accessible via various media channels such as televised evangelism, radio broadcast as well as online media. During this current crisis, Pastor Obaja Tanto Setiawan and Pastor Jonatan Setiawan’s God-inspired sermons are live-streamed regularly and have blessed millions of souls worldwide. Keluarga Allah has also greatly contributed to the education sector in Solo city and established two schools namely “Sekolah Kristen Pelita Nusantara Kasih” and a theologian college “ Sekolah Tinggi Teologia El-Shadday”. SEJARAH PPKA VMP SPR Pdt. Obaja Tanto Setiawan Ps. Jonatan & Ps. Nita Setiawan Staf Penggembalaan Church Services Filled With God’s Power 100% Online 100% Offline We extend our warmest invitation to join our services wherever you are! Everyone is welcome. Join us online via various internet channels or offline by attending the church. Whether you attend the service online or offline, you will experience the majestic, awesome presence of the Lord as we worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords together. In every city, the sermons conducted will be of a similar theme. If you happen to worship at a church in a different locations, you can be greatly blessed by the monthly thematic sermons and will not miss out at all! Your faith and spiritual life are sustained and well-nourished. Just a friendly note to add for everyone: During this pandemic, we must adhere strictly to the health protocol across our churches. Social distancing and wearing masks are mandatory for all our beloved church members when worshiping offline at the church. Online services are live-streamed direct from Solo, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. IBADAH ONLINE LOKASI IBADAH OFFLINE Connect Groups Encompassed With Love Of Christ & Warmth Of Fellowship Church services and connect groups are likened to the eagle’s wings. Both wings are significantly important in our spiritual growth. During the church services we are imparted with solid, healthy spiritual food strengthening our soul and spirit, we are the hearer of the Word. On the other hand, joining a connect group gives us the precious opportunity to be the doer of the Word. Through our small groups, we can encourage one another by regularly sharing testimonies and praying for one another as we travel the journey of life. What a wonderful way of sharing the blessings! During this current pandemic, Family Cell Groups and Online Cell Groups can still meet online. The weariness and burden we experience during this global crisis will be greatly enlightened with the support of our cell group family. Without distance issues, time factors and language barriers, you can join our cell groups from home, anytime, anywhere. We would also love to assist you fulfill your calling and destiny in the Lord. You are most welcome to serve as a cell group leader and produce many beautiful fruits for the Kingdom of God in these last days. We sincerely encourage you to join our cell group and let’s grow together. Bergabung Menjadi Anggota Komsel Berita Kegerakan KKS Internet Church Without Limit Keluarga Allah Internet Church services are dedicated to our beloved members who cannot attend offline services due to different limitations. The God-breathed online services also are available to new members or any believers looking for Bible-based sermons & teachings. The well trained pastoral teams of the online church services are always ready to bless us with ministries such as counseling, prayer support, deliverance prayer, online connect groups as well as weekly church services. All these wonderful and precious ministries are solely delivered via the internet. Beloved brothers and sisters, let's join a community without a limit of thousands of believers worldwide! Bergabung Menjadi Anggota Kabar Terbaru GI David’s Tent Worship 24/7 With the grace of God, our church is a pioneer in offering endless 24/7 worship to the throne of the Most High God. We are walking in the footsteps of King David who endlessly built the presence of God in His tent. We started David's Tent Worship at the church in Widuran Solo and currently, we are most thankful that other local churches have built their own David’s Tent Worship too. LIVE NOW Bergabung dalam Pelayanan Facilities Supporting Spiritual Growth The spiritual growth of our beloved congregation at GBI Keluarga Allah church is very important to our dedicated leaders & team. There is nothing more exciting than to witness daily growth of faith in the church and we would do anything possible to achieve it. Needless to say, our church provides a peaceful sanctuary for our faithful members as they worship onsite. There are also Daily Devotional three times per day, prayer support, school, and training as well as different areas of pastoral ministry available. All these God-inspired activities are put in place so every church member can grow stronger in their faith and spirit, as we go through life together. Renungan KA SOM KABC Training Departemen Bantuan Doa 24 Jam Kesaksian Sarana Persembahan Call Center+ Baptisan Air Penyerahan Anak Pemberkatan Nikah Retreat Encounter ESBC Blessed Couples Media To Save Souls At All Cost The gospel of Christ Jesus has to be proclaimed until the ends of the earth. Keluarga Allah Media Ministry is fulfilling the calling of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We regularly broadcast Christian TV & Radio programs to reach souls for God’s kingdom and shine the light of Christ to the lost world. Televisi dan Radio IMPACTCHANNEL.TV APLIKASI Community Of Believers Supporting One Another Keluarga Allah is not simply a church name. We are a family! We are a huge, happy family who cares and loves one another with brotherly love. Our common language is love. Everyone can belong to a community and church gatherings of similar age or hobby. Why not start joining your community now! These precious communities facilitate strengthening the Body of Christ within the unity of the church. Kids Impact Teens Impact Youth Impact International Ministry Women of God Pria Sukses Bahasa Jawa Usia Emas Network Of Education Education is very vital for our future generations. Keluarga Allah understands the importance of the best education for our children. Currently, two organizations are in operation to support our contribution to education. Pelita Nusantara Kasih Christian School ( primary – secondary - high school ) is well established with the best educators, facilities as well as education system. El-Shadday Theological Seminary trains and equips ministers of Christ who will bear bountiful, lasting fruits for God’s kingdom. SKNPK STT El-Shadday Keluarga Allah Reach Out Through Keluarga Allah Reach Out programs, we would love to bring answers to the issues in our world. We have become the extended hand of God supplying finances, manpower as well as much needed facilities via our programs. During the period of disasters, pandemic, and recession, Keluarga Allah Reach Out is doing our very best to bless the most disadvantaged. Laporan dan Agenda Kegiatan Keluarga Allah Conferences Every September in conjunction with the church anniversary, Keluarga Allah conducts Unlimited Conference. This extraordinary conference is generally attended by thousands of believers from within Indonesia and abroad as well as from different church denominations. Unlimited Conference is a mighty vehicle where the fire movement of God spreads throughout the world. During the 10 days Holy Spirit Impartation, the Fire Conference will also take place at the same time. Everyone who attends the conference will experience supernatural visitation of the Holy Spirit and tsunami of miracles of God will be manifested. Unlimited Conference Fire Conference Keluarga Allah Spiritual Tours Annually Pastor Obaja Tanto Setiawan leads the Holyland Retreat Tour and we can experience the Promised Land in much deeper ways possible. Our church members who had completed the tour always received amazing miracles and testified that the tour changed their life forever. Pastor Obaja Tanto Setiawan longs to lead every church member deeper in their journey with God. Anyone keen to study the Word of God and receive God’s anointing is welcomed to join the tour to Nigeria and India. In both countries, God is moving mightily with signs and wonders at this present time. Holyland Retreat Tour Nigeria Visitation Lokasi & Jadwal Ibadah Gereja Internet Pendaftaran Kartu Anggota PPKA Upcoming Events Bantuan Doa dan Konseling Baptisan Air Penyerahan Anak Kelompok Sel Sekolah Orientasi Melayani Retreat Encounter Terlibat Dalam Pelayanan STT El-Shadday KABC Pemberkatan Pernikahan Seri Kotbah Bahan Sharing Kelompok Sel Renungan Keluarga Allah (ReKA) Kesaksian Pemuridan Gembala ImpactChannel.TV Radio El-Shaddai FM Facebook Twitter Instagram Tiktok Youtube Call Center+: (+62) 899.789.5000 © Copyright Keluarga Allah | Languages Change Language English Bahasa Indonesia

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